Invest in MSRP

This is what some sites may call “Shop“.  I prefer to think of spending money with me as an investment, like building infrastructure or expanding education.  I believe that my virtual participation in your life will help build your social and spiritual infrastructure and educational opportunities, obviously worth the taxing experience of investing in me and my stuff.  So close some loopholes in your financial life so you can invest in me and TheMSRP.

To buy one of my books, click HERE at some date in the future.

To contact me about syndication rights for my columns, contact me anytime day or day at

To donate money to me because you are moved by either pity or awe after reading my missives, click HERE at some future date.

To schedule me for a speaking engagement at your next high school reunion, July 4th barbecue or probation hearing, contact my exclusive rep at the DJI Speaker’s Bureau, Cherie, at for availability and rates.

I’m cheap but not easy.


Remember, if I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong. Comments?

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